Streams are run through our YouTube platform to make it accessible and easy for friends and family to take part in the service. A private link is created for the service through which the stream can be accessed.

After the live stream ends it is stored as a private video on our channel, this means that friends and family are still able to watch the video even after the live stream has ended.

*Please note that we require electricity at the service location for streaming. If electricity is not available at the location please inform us ahead of time so that alternative arrangements can be made.

*The live stream is dependent on the internet connection. Should there be a disruption in the coverage the stream continues to record and the recording will then be uploaded as a complete video after the service.

Pricing for Live Streaming:

Live streaming service only R 1900

Live streaming & video edit R 2300

When we have to capture events away from the power source it will not form part of the live streaming but we are able to video it and edit it onto the service to make a new video which will be sent to the family the following day

Compiling a slideshow R 250

Images provided by the family with a requested song will be edited together to be played at the service and during the live stream

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